“Walking Jerusalem:” David Walks Episode 17 with Creative Producer Laura Edelman & Yogini Melissa Studenski

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David:             You ready?

Laura:             Go for it.

David:             Welcome to David Walks. I’ll let you two introduce yourselves.

Laura:             This is Laura.

Melissa:        And Melissa.

David:             What do you do, Laura and Melissa, in life?

Melissa:        I teach Yoga.

Laura:             I work in a startup….

Melissa:        That’s so big.

David:             So …

Laura:             I like it. I like it big.

David:             Why? You got to market yourself.

Laura:             It gives an air of mystery.

David:             Yeah, but then how are they going to follow up?

Laura:             Well [crosstalk 00:00:25].

Melissa:        We don’t need to follow up.

David:             All my readers.

Laura:             Someone’s going to contact me and be like “Hey, you’re so awesome, let’s hang out.”

David:             Then do Yoga together?

Melissa:        Yeah. Oh, yeah.

David:             What do you think of Jerusalem?

Melissa:        It’s beautiful.

Laura:             Many things.

Melissa:        It’s beautiful and heinous at the same time.

Laura:             Yeah, yeah.

Melissa:        It’s quite amazing.

Laura:             It shows an ugly side to people.

Melissa:        For sure.

Laura:             And a beautiful side.

Melissa:        As well as the architecture and everything. Amazing, beautiful, and then there’s architecture that’s just decrepit and falling apart.

Laura:             Bullet holes.

Melissa:        Just like [crosstalk 00:01:10] there are places that are very clean, very well-kept and then there are places where literally somebody just throws their trash right on the floor, like in front of you. We were eating lunch yesterday, right? And fucking some guy walks by, he puts sunflower seeds in his mouth and he spits it right on the floor next to us. He does it again and again and he just walked by, no worries, in the middle of a market.

Laura:             Euw.

David:             Umm.

Laura:             At least his [inaudible 00:01:35].

Melissa:        You’re right

David:             I like Old City.

Melissa:        I do too. It’s beautiful.

David:             I didn’t see too many people littering.

Melissa:        No?

David:             No.

Melissa:        You don’t notice, like we walked by and [crosstalk 00:01:51] hallways.

David:             I think I’m missing the littering. [Crosstalk 00:01:52].

Melissa:        Alleys.

David:             I saw the alley ways, yeah, I saw those.

Melissa:        Yeah.

Laura:             It was like San Francisco but without the homeless people. Exactly. [Crosstalk 00:01:58].

David:             Yeah, yeah, who’s doing the littering then? I’m like believing I got the shit out.

Melissa:        All these people.

Laura:             In the market place.

Melissa:        I saw a Hasidic Jew do the same thing. What? They’re supposed to have respect for the beauty and God [crosstalk 00:02:11].

David:             Did you go on the …?

Laura:             [Inaudible 00:02:13] humility, right? That’s what we learned at the [inaudible 00:02:15].

Melissa:        Yeah.

David:             I don’t know if they told me that one.

Laura:             Umm, yeah.

David:             They told me [crosstalk 00:02:24].

Melissa:        We had a very super hippie woman.

David:            He told me the most important drive was the sex drive.

Melissa:        Really.

David:             He was a Hasidic Jew.

Melissa:        That’s hilarious.

Laura:             Really?

David:             Yeah, yeah, he said it’s the most powerful drive in the world.

Melissa:        She told us that Judaism is the only religion that really seems to focus on the bond sexually between a man and a woman or whatever.

Laura:             That makes sense. I think Christianity kind of shames sex a lot.

David:             Yeah.

Melissa:        Exactly, especially Muslims.

David:             Yeah, that was good to hear. He can be very religious and have a very active sex life.

Laura:             Well, half of the month is gone though, right?

David:             Yeah, yeah, you have your 11-day [crosstalk 00:03:02] 12.

Melissa:        12 days without touching [inaudible 00:03:08].

David:             Yeah, no touching at all must be a little tough. Like you can’t even touch her hand or her shoulder or her hair. [Crosstalk 00:03:15].

Laura:             It’s part of the appeal though.

David:             Yeah, yeah, building up the desire.

Melissa:        Which I find interesting.

Laura:             What’s that movie with Josh Hartnett when he doesn’t have sex for like forty days.

Melissa:        Yeah, yeah, forty days, that’s it. Forty days and forty nights.

Laura:             And everyone’s … all the girls start to come on to him.

Melissa:        Yeah.

Laura:             Interesting.

David:             Maybe that’s the way it works. You’ve just got to focus on other things and be yourself and then it just creates the man.

Melissa:        I’m doing good with that.

David:             Do you have any tips to share with me, how I can do it?

Laura:             How you can abstain?

David:             No. Yeah, I want to create more demand for myself.

Melissa:        I don’t know about that demand but I can tell you that the abstaining part can be difficult. It takes a lot of mental restraint, as well as physical.

Laura:             No physical restraints, not yet. Not til the 12 days are over. But the men, they wear, what do you call it, the ropes?

Melissa:        Yeah, what are those things around their waists?

David:             I don’t know. I didn’t wear one.

Laura:             That’s bondage.

Melissa:        That’s serious bondage.

David:             Did you see the dark bondage in that museum? There was a whole black room and it’s like this Nazi person. They would mess with dolls and they had this video and it was borderline torture in the museum.

Melissa:        No, I did not see that.

David:             It was a really small little black room [crosstalk 00:04:44].

Melissa:        You could probably go on sexing. It was like oooh …

Laura:             Getting some ideas? No, that sounds terrifying.

Melissa:        Yeah, why [crosstalk 00:04:51]?

David:             Oh, it was creepy.

Laura:             So, was it a live one?

David:             Yeah, live video and then these dolls on the floor. Yeah, and then the whole room was painted black.

Laura:             What do you mean, live video?

David:             Oh, not live, sorry. Just video, rolling.

Laura:             Like live action?

David:             Yeah. [Crosstalk 00:05:10]. Did you make any friends today with locals?

Laura:             With locals?

Melissa:        No not today.

David:             Yeah. I think we stopped the people who were running the bamboo.

Melissa:        Oh, we definitely did.

David:             What were they doing?

Laura:             They wanted to charge shekels to walk in the bamboo thing, which is cheap.

Melissa:        There’s a big bamboo exhibit that you could … They had these crazy paths that you could climb.

David:             Was that the one outside?

Melissa:        Yeah.

David:             Oh, cool, yeah I didn’t get to that.

Melissa:        It was ten shekels to climb it.

David:             Uh-huh (affirmative).

Melissa:        So at first, we just started walking up it like we didn’t care.

David:             Yeah.

Melissa:        They got mad and then we came back and we came through the side that’s not, wasn’t the actual entrance. We moved a railing thing to get in. They were mad about that.

David:             Did you end up paying them shekels?

Melissa:        We tried and they were like “You got to go inside the museum and pay.” We’re like “Well, fuck that, we’re here right now with shekels. What’s wrong?” and they wouldn’t let us, so we didn’t bother.

Laura:             That’s how [inaudible 00:06:11]. That was cool though. She has a [crosstalk 00:06:19].

Melissa:        I now, they tell you on the next day and when I’m in Costa Rica, after the first five days, there for anther seven, and the first three days that I’m there, three were staying in a Tree house Resort.

Laura:             That’s [inaudible 00:06:37]. Are you serious?

David:             That’s going to be cool.

Melissa:        I’m so excited.

Laura:             Show me.

Melissa:        I’ll send you pictures.

Laura:             Yeah.

Melissa:        Yeah.

Laura:             My God.

David:             You’ll be like a little kid.

Melissa:             With my friend I do Akro so I might send you pictures of us doing Akro in a tree house in Costa Rica.

Laura:             Oh, my God.

David:             Did y’all have a good night last night?

Melissa:        We did.

Laura:             It was awesome.

Melissa:        Last night was crazy.

Laura:             Every night, just better and better.

Melissa:        Right. It gets crazier and crazier. We bond so much.

David:             Yeah, I don’t know if we’re going to top it though. We’ve got to top out, right?

Laura:             I don’t know.

Melissa:        [Crosstalk 00:07:08] You better knock on wood.

David:             Where’s the wood? [Crosstalk 00:07:11]. There’s no wood in this city. It’s all …

Melissa:        Right there, there’s a tree.

Laura:             What do you mean, there’s no wood?

David:             I guess there is…

Laura:             [Inaudible 00:07:20] Jews are horny.

Melissa:        There’s lots of wood. [Crosstalk 00:07:27]. I always do that if I can’t find any wood around.

David:             Thank you for not hurting me.

Melissa:        You’re welcome. Oh, man.

Laura:             What is that structure over there?

Melissa:        That is a bridge.

David:             No, it’s not a bridge, is it?

Melissa:        Yep.

David:             It looks so short. Oh, a walking bridge.

Melissa:        Yeah [crosstalk 00:07:47]. It’s a walking bridge. That big structure?

David:             Yeah, hey guys.

Melissa:        We have a matching one in Denver.

Hagai Gov:              The suspended bridge, or strings?

David:             Yeah, that one right over there.

Hagai Gov:              It’s at the entrance of the city, the main entrance, and it’s made by a Spanish architect.

David:             No, no.

Hagai Gov:              By a Spanish architecture called Santiago Calatrava.

David:             Uh-huh (affirmative).

Hagai Gov:              Okay, he built a subway around the world, No, not around the world.

Laura:             Deer in the headlights [inaudible 00:08:22]?

Hagai Gov:              Yeah, anyway, so [inaudible 00:08:20]. Very classic in style, it’s very distinguished. When you see that, you know you’re looking good [crosstalk 00:08:31].

David:             Did you go in? Did you see the Israeli last supper in there?

Hagai Gov:              Yeah.

David:             That was so good.

Hagai Gov:              You know, you know how much it was sold for? Did you stay over there?

David:             No, I’m going to guess 1.3 million.

Hagai Gov:              What?

David:             Dollars, oh, now this is a big one.

Hagai Gov:              No, it was …

David:             Shekels, I’ll go shekels since you said that.

Hagai Gov:              It was sold for around 2 million shekels.

David:             Two million shekels?

Hagai Gov:              Yeah, and it’s … The artist… ooh, nice car.

David:             What is it?

Hagai Gov:              It’s an antique. It’s an old Mercedes, cool.

David:             All right. Always good to throw in a good, the Hagai tour guide fact in the middle of your walk. Absolutely necessary.

Laura:             Is that a good Smooke type walk?

David:             SmookeWalks.

Laura:             SmookeWalk?

David:             Can you say it?

Laura:             SmookeWalk?

David:             Say it later.

Laura:             Later.

David:             Later.